Welcome to Smile Club

Join us as we merge the worlds of crypto and dentistry!

Our Vision & Roadmap


SmileClub is a first of its kind Web3 Dental brand working to weave Web3 and Crypto platforms through the dental industry.

SmileMarket - Launched Jan 2023
SmileClub NFT - Mint Q1 2023
SmileNet - Q3 2023

Phase 1 - Q3 2022
Community Development Project Partnerships
Phase 2 - Q1 2023
Oral Hygiene Subscription
Phase 3 - Q1 2023
Private mint and public mint of NFT Collection
Launch Dental Question Board for Holders - Connect with a real dentist online
Phase 4 - Q2 2023
Staking v1
SmileMarket Expansion
Refer2Earn Program
Phase 5 - Q3 2023
SmileNet Launch
Expansion of SmileClub Partnerships

Community Benefits

Members of our Community and Partners have access to a growing set of benefits from SmileClub
SmileMarket Discounts
NFT Holders & Partners have on-going access to discounts on the SmileMarket
Smile Q&A
Connect with a real dentist through our Web3 Dental Question Board
Partnership Benefits
Discounts, Whitelist Codes, and More from our Reputable Partners
SmileNet Discounts
Reduced transaction fees on our Web3 Payments Platform for Dentists
And many more to come!
Project manager? Reach out to our team to learn more about our partnership opportunities

The Team

Colin (President)
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology M.S. from Oklahoma State University (2019)
DDS from UMKC School of Dentistry (2023)

Teddy (Vice-President)

Accounting B.S. from Oklahoma State University (2020)
Kyle (C.D.O)
Communications B.A. from William Jewell College
Co-owner of the design agency Bradan, LLC
Spencer (C.L.O., C.O.O.)
J.D. from UMKC Law (2018)
12+ years of dev work
Chaz (Community Manager)
Located in Southern California
Web3 Fanatic & Discord Expert

The Team

Colin Robertson (Co-Founder)
Born and raised in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Currently finishing up dental school in Kansas City. My brother and I are here to merge the worlds of crypto and dentistry. This means giving people an opportunity for their investment to pay for their next dental visit. Join us!
Teddy Robertson (Co-Founder)
From Shawnee, OK. Graduated from Oklahoma State with a degree in accounting. Working with my brother to combine web3 and dentistry for real world utility.
Kyle Gammon (Design & Dev)
Kyle manages a design and development agency called Bradan, LLC out of Kansas City, MO. With years of experience designing websites and graphics, Kyle took an interest in Crypto and now helps with creating our site design along with working on our Crypto platform.
Spencer Allen (Contracts & Dev)
Spencer manages Bradan, LLC with Kyle, while practicing law with his degree from UMKC. With years of design and development experience along with his legal expertise, Spencer was a perfect candidate to work on the Smart Contracts implemented in our platform.
Chaz Eevee (Community Manager)
Based out of Southern California, Chaz has spent many years growing his knowledge in gaming and the rising Web3 market. Bringing all of that experience and knowledge together has enabled Chaz to connect with and grow our Smile Club community.
Our smart contract for staking will be rolled out 7 weeks after mint.
What is staking?
By locking (aka staking) your Smile Club NFT Gen1 via a smart contract on our Staking page, you can start to accumulate $smiles, our unique token. During the time that your NFTs are staked, they will disappear from your Opensea account. Not to worry, you can unlock your NFTs at any time by un-staking.
How can I stake?
Join our Discord community to learn more about our staking process.
Mint News
Supply: 3,232
Private Mint price: 0.132 ETH
Public Mint price: 0.182 ETH

Where can you mint? Learn more at our Minting Information Page
What can I use $smiles for?
On day one, nothing, it will be useless before it becomes useful… just being honest. Like all cryptocurrencies in their infancy, the value lies in the potential of its use. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies we have a plan to fast track our coin from useless to useful. In the beginning, accumulation is key. We need our community actively involved in staking in order to accumulate a large pool of our currency. When our community has accumulated a wealth of $smiles they will then be eligible to utilize their gains IRL at one of our founders’ offices for a dental cleaning and exam. But this is small utility in our minds. We want more than that for our holders. We want the community to come together and put their $smiles in a liquidity pool that we will pad with Ethereum and USDC (a stable coin). During this time the team will be continuing to build our practice network to provide dental practices all over the world that will accept $smiles as the primary form of payment for any dental treatment you may need. Our network, plus the community’s liquidity pool will allow non-holders interested in paying for dental care with crypto to liquidate for $smiles. If you have questions, please raise a ticket or just message our mods in gen chat. We welcome all questions; we welcome all uncertainty. We believe we have a solid team and the means to execute our plan. We know this space is full of it, but We believe we can crush all uncertainty and doubt. Bring it on FUDDERs, or just join the community and Smile ☺
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